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Financial and Business Sherpas
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We unlock the potential of companies by using financial reporting, structures and systems as the levers for business expansion.

For companies seeking a strategy of emergence to their next growth level, expansion plans must be both financially sound and comprehensive to be effective.

That’s where we come in. We take the global view on the local economy of your company to guide you to achieve your business objectives.


A guiding principle of our company is that we take a holistic view of our clients’ businesses and their desires for growth.

We are by training accountants and by professional experience, consultants who count not only finances but also the full range of disciplines that are the keys to growth. Ours is a proactive approach. We are unique because we advise our clients about critically needed business activities:

human resources
production sourcing
management systems
leadership building
sales training

We see business growth through the prism of finance and financial structure. Our strategies use finance as an opening to unlocking the potential for growth.


Financial Consulting

Every business needs a sound financial footing to plan for any growth agenda. Our financial consulting services address:

  • Projections and business plans
  • Due diligence for acquisitions, mergers and distribution partners
  • Financing options: private equity, banks and factors
  • Profitability analyses

Business Consulting

Our business services are structured so we can respond to all facets of our clients’ critically needed business activities:

  • Strategic planning
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Recruitment and training
  • Product sourcing options: US manufacturing vs. import; outsource or in-house, retail distribution structuring
  • Corporate incentive plans


Every company needs sound accounting reporting, planning systems and responsive, real-time flexibility. Our accounting practice includes:

  • Financial reporting: reviews and compilations
  • Taxation planning, compliance and audits
  • QuickBooks and other software training, implementation and internal systems audits


Fashion Company

Our client, an upscale women’s apparel company, was insufficiently prepared to develop accounting and management reports necessary to enhance profitability.

We successfully addressed performance issues with the existing software, trained senior level managers and implemented internal controls and financial reporting systems.

Operating expenses were reduced by 5% and margins grew by 2% after six months.

Retailer turned commercial real estate investor

Client transitioned their business and needed financial planning, infrastructure and experienced outsourced managers to support their objectives.

We designed a multi-level plan including industry-specific software, accounts payable and receivable systems.

The company’s net worth increased from under $100 million to over $500 million.

Apparel Factor

Our client, a startup, did not have a financial infrastructure, systems or reporting analyses capabilities.

We installed complex accounting systems, developed financial reporting methodologies and negotiated multi-bank credit facilities.

Revenues grew to over $3 million after one year of using our services.


David H. Sorblum, CPA

Dave is the team leader who sets the overall direction for the development of financial strategies. He is responsible for the planning of budgets for operations, marketing, human resources, distribution, licensing and financing options. Dave draws on the combined resources of clients and outside product and service providers to drive companies’ businesses to their next level of growth.

Susan Sorblum
Executive Vice President

Susan is an expert in financial operations and addresses issues through re-structuring processes that deliver enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, she is an IT systems specialist, which allows companies to manage their data analysis and communications with enhanced clarity and speed.

Christian Bach
Vice President

Chris is the architect of IT infrastructure that supports day-to-day reporting and analytics used in critical management decision making. He is also the developer of communications systems for companies and their vendors. In addition, he is an expert in training managers in the use of financial systems and software.


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